F5 Project believes that what happens in one’s past doesn’t need to determine one’s future.   F5 Project helps the transitioning of Returning Citizens from confinement to a new life through support with on-going Communication, Safe & Affordable Housing, Employment, Healthy Socialization, and Drug & Alcohol Treatment counseling.  Currently F5 serves former offenders of Cass County, ND.

Our community and nation has seen increased crime due to drug and alcohol abuse, and social and economic stresses.   What has led someone to crime is not always dealt with while in confinement, and the resources to deter that same pattern are not always in place when returning citizens are released into regular society.  This may be due to the individual not being knowledgeable of support services, unable to access services, or is related to them being a felon and therefore barred from support.

F5 strives to positively impact those that have been confined by removing barriers in order for them to start a new life.